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Vendor Profile-3 Spoiled Sisters

#hellofromnoco Here at the North Country Showcase, we have such an amazing group of people who are shareholders, vendors, and volunteers. Every so often the Seven County Explorer blog will feature either one shareholder or one vendor so you can get to know the amazing people who make the showcase the wonderful place it is!

Business Name

Explain your business and products in 25 words or less!
We create “Jewelry that makes scents”, crafted to be used with your favorite essential oils. Each of the 3 Spoiled Sisters also provides Essential Oil Education.
Why are you in this type of business? What got you started?
After being introduced to essential oils in 2015 and experiencing life-changing benefits we knew we had to spread the word to others. We strive to inspire people to create a toxin-free environment for their bodies, homes & earth. We begin creating jewelry as a fun way to “Oil on the go”. It allows us to be creative and introduce oils in a fun way.
How long have you been in business?
3 years
What attracted you to become a vendor with the North Country Showcase?
The local community effort! I had typically only participated in outside county vendor shows. It’s nice to invest in my hometown and support local business building
Where is your business located?
Russell, NY
What are your ties to the Seven County region? (were you born here? are you a transplant? Has your family lived here for hundreds of years?)
Born and raised in St Lawrence County
How did you get your idea or concept for the business?
Through research of essential oils, we learned about natural porous materials. Lava rock is rustic, beautiful and porous.
What is unique about your products?
All our jewelry is designed to be used with essential oils. We use only natural Stones, glass and stainless steel that can hold up to the power of high-quality essential oils.
Pick your absolute favorite product you make! (and why is it your favorite?)
We enjoy creating necklaces that are unique in shape and design

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