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Atz Kilcher Concert a Resounding Success!


Atz and Bonnie Kilcher

Atz Kilcher, star of Discovery Channel’s hit show Alaska: The Last Frontier, folk singer, and father of singer Jewel came to Massena with his beautiful wife Bonnie, who hails from Fort Covington, to put on a show at the Saint Lawrence Centre for their fans. There was an intimate VIP Meet and Greet for his biggest fans before the concert. Attendees got to hear Atz and Bonnie sing some exclusive songs and had a chance to speak with them and take pictures.

Atz Kilcher preforming for the VIP Meet and Greet

“…the VIP experience and the main concert were very entertaining and up close and personal!” – VIP testimonial.

Meeting Atz Kilcher

While at the North Country Showcase getting things ready for the concert, getting the registers moved, and getting the merchandise out to the venue your beloved blogger and digital sorceress was also wrangling her tired, hungry, and bored 3-year-old daughter. It came as a real shock when walking into the back room with a cranky toddler on my hip to run into Atz and Bonnie as they arrived. I greeted both of them when introduced and I introduced my daughter.

Atz immediately broke out into a smile and attempted to say hello and engage my daughter in conversation. True to toddler form and to my horror; my daughter growled at him (her standard cranky response) and hid her face in my shoulder. I held my breath, this was not the way I wanted to greet our honored guest, but Atz laughed and said “ok, maybe later. It was nice meeting you though!” To my horror, again, my daughter whined and hid her face. Atz laughed it off and we continued introductions. This was my first glimpse into what a nice, grounded, wonderful man Atz is and I only saw that continue with the VIP meet and greet, the concert, and everything in between.

The Show

The show was “…a great time and music was really fun” a fan reflected. Atz narrated how he came up with his songs and the stories behind them between singing and told the captive audience about life on the Homestead in Alaska. An attendee commented that Atz was “…a great storyteller. I loved how he wove the story and his music so well.” About halfway through the show Bonnie joined Atz on stage and sang a few songs together before they called up the youngest fans in the audience. There were two 9-year-old twins who had attended the VIP Meet and Greet and Atz and Bonnie invited them up on stage to sing with them. You can ask anyone in attendance-everyone will agree that these kids KILLED it-they did an incredible job! Atz really made it such a special experience for everybody but he made it an extraordinary experience for those boys!

Atz and Bonnie Kilcher preforming

While I spent most of the concert minding the entrance. I was able to gain a unique view by watching everybody watch the concert and get the whole picture. It felt more intimate than a concert. I could easily imagine that we were gathered around a campfire at the Homestead listening to him talk and play. Another concertgoer commented “Atz and Bonnie were very down to earth people and extremely friendly…” and I couldn’t agree more. When you’re with them, you’re family.


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Atz Kilcher is Coming to Massena!


North Country Showcase and St. Lawrence Centre present a day of entertainment and activities on August 11.  The highlight of the evening will be a concert by Alaska: The Last Frontier star Atz Kilcher.

Join us for the Northern Experience from 12-5pm featuring live music, food, games, and activities throughout the mall! There will be vendor exhibits and demonstrations that will includatz kilcher guitare jewelry making, basket making, and military and service emblem creation.

The day will culminate with Atz Kilcher in Concert at 7pm in the St. Lawrence Centre Arena. A unique Pre-concert VIP Experience will also take place from 4-5:30pm within the North Country Showcase, located across from JCPenney. Continue reading Atz Kilcher is Coming to Massena!