Marine Corps Emblem Created with Scroll Saw

Marine Corps Emblem Created with Scroll Saw

Marine Corps Emblem Created with Scroll Saw

Beautifully crafted Marine Corps Emblem created with scroll saw is a perfect gift for your marine. Intricate in design and very classy. Produced by Norman Lazore of Massena, NY.

Army Emblem

Army Emblem

This Army emblem was crafted using a scroll saw and is intricate in design. A wonderful gift for army service personnel.

Produced by Norman Lazore in Massena, New York.  See more of his military emblems here.


Air Force Emblem

Members of the Air Force will appreciate this intricate emblem denoting their service to country.

Created by using a scroll saw it is exquisite in design.

Navy Emblem

This Navy Emblem is an intricate design made using a scroll saw.

It is perfect for any member of the Navy to decorate their home or office.

Fireman Emblem

For the person who is devoted to firefighting, this emblem is perfect.

It’s scroll work is a depiction of the many symbols of firefighting.

A great gift for any occasion,

National Guard Emblem

The National Guard are there when you need them and this emblem commemorates their service.

Done on a scroll saw, this emblem depicts the symbol of the guard.

Coast Guard Emblem

The Coast Guard protects the countries shores from Alaska to Hawaii and beyond. This emblem commemorates their service in an intricately designed emblem .

Perfect for an office decoration, or the boat or as a gift for retirement.

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Atz Kilcher is Coming to Massena!


North Country Showcase and St. Lawrence Centre present a day of entertainment and activities on August 11.  The highlight of the evening will be a concert by Alaska: The Last Frontier star Atz Kilcher.

Join us for the Northern Experience from 12-5pm featuring live music, food, games, and activities throughout the mall! There will be vendor exhibits and demonstrations that will includatz kilcher guitare jewelry making, basket making, and military and service emblem creation.

The day will culminate with Atz Kilcher in Concert at 7pm in the St. Lawrence Centre Arena. A unique Pre-concert VIP Experience will also take place from 4-5:30pm within the North Country Showcase, located across from JCPenney. Continue reading Atz Kilcher is Coming to Massena!