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Father’s Day Gift Guide

fathers day gift guide
#hellofromnoco The Seven County Explorer is back with their famously fantastic gift guides! How did they become famous, you ask? Well, the writer is a legend in her own mind and has decided that they are! So she is back with the Father’s Day gift guide for that special man in your life!

Back to reality, the North Country Showcase has a wide array of beautiful gifts that Dad will love. I have highlighted some here, but there are SO many more spectacular options in store. Please stop by and see Bonnie and she can help you #shoptheshowcase by picking out a wonderful and unique gift that is perfect for your wonderful and unique dad! Because he really doesn’t need ANOTHER tie! 

adirondacks red shirt
Adirondacks Pride – Available in Store!

For the dad with local pride

These Adirondack and St. Lawrence River t-shirts from Commercial Press Ink ( $14.95-$17.95) are perfect for the upcoming summer for dad to show off his local price. Perfect for sitting out in the boat fishing or catching rays outside of camp while These lightweight cotton shirts will definitely leave an impression wherever you plan on going to vacation! 


wood shave set
Hand Carved Wooden Razor Handle and Brush – Click to buy!

For the well-shaven dad (or the one who needs to be)

shave gift set
Shave Bucket – In Store Only!

The hand carved wood razor, and brush set ($160.00) from Jan Close is the perfect gift for the stylish and well-shaven man in your life! We also carry an array of shaving products (price varies) from Balsam Springs Soaps including beard balm for the dad who doesn’t shave! 

Leather Flyswatter – Click to buy!

For the outdoor dad

Does your dad spend a lot of time outside? If it is out in the garage working on cars, on the boat fishing, in the shed woodworking, or just sitting on the porch watching the world go by no dad should be “bugged.” This is why these leather fly swatters (small-$6, large-$10) by Andrew Yoder are perfect for the outdoorsy dad!

tractor trailer
Tractor Trailer – Available in Store!

For the dad who is still a big kid at heart

As the saying goes, “Boys don’t grow up, their toys just get bigger and more expensive.” So if you have a big kid in our life, then you should consider this handmade tractor trailer ($150.00) made lovingly by R&B Woodworks. If you’re lucky, maybe your dad will let you play with the truck too.

coffee mug
Pottery Coffee Mug – Available in Store!

For the dad who needs his morning pick-up

Trust me, parenting is tough! So I am sure that your dad could use this over-sized coffee mug ($20.00) by Anne Burnham Pottery. This mug will be his go to in the morning to get him that jolt of java that he is jonesing for! And after a hard day, don’t worry dad-if you slip a little whiskey in there, your secret’s safe with us! 

For the dad that grills

steak sauce
Steak Sauce – In Store Only!
rib eye
Rib Eye – In Store Only!

If your dad is like my dad and he doesn’t trust anyone else to cook on the grill, then we have the gift for him! How about a homegrown hero ribeye ($16.87 per pound) from Tucker’s Black Angus Ranch and some steak sauce ($6.50) from Tri-Town Packing? Let dad be master and commander of his domain and make himself a mouthwatering meal. Hopefully, he’ll share with you!

beer flight
Beer Flight Board – Available in Store!

For the dad who deserves a beer

This goes along with the coffee mug post, parenting is hard…sometimes you just need a beer at the end of a long day. Why not make dad’s beer dreams come true by presenting him with this beautiful beer flight board, glasses included, ($25.00) from Grasse River Woodworks. Want to kick it up a notch? Find your closest grocery store that sells make-your-own six pack and get dad a six-pack of different beers to try out in the flight glasses! 

Maybe you are not sure what to get him, or you want to take him out for a special day of shopping and lunch. Get him a gift certificate to the North Country Showcase! We have hundreds of items that he is sure to find something he will love!

The perfect gift for your father not on this list? Come into the store and ask Bonnie for help.  She is THE EXPERT and will help you find that perfect gift! With over 100 vendors in one place, you are sure to find that special one-of-a-kind gift for your dad!  You can also shop our Online Etsy Store!



And as always, we want to hear from you! If you have a recommendation for a future blog topic or a question/comment, please email me at [email protected]

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