Our Story

The idea for North Country Showcase grew out of the community action FB group, ReImagining Our Tomorrow (RIOT). Locally produced products were previously not available in a central location, resulting in a fragmented market.

The idea to unite these products under one roof in a community-owned venture is unique. Past efforts have been limited to sole proprietors attempting to purchase inventory or manage consignment relationships. Community involvement is key to driving success.

Our Team

Brenda Seguin

Secretary, Director

Brenda was an active member of the start up group for the North Country Showcase and has spent many hours staffing and working at the store. Brenda is active in the community and will provide an important perspective for business operations. Brenda joined the board in 2018.

Carol Robert
Vice President, Director

Carol is a small business owner of X-Treme Clean and has operated in the local area since 2005. Carol’s entrepreneur and accounting backgrounds will be key in successfully managing the ongoing operations of North Country Showcase. Carol is one of the first board members of North Country Showcase from 2017 to present.

JoAnn Roberts

President, Director

For more than three years, JoAnn has been the owner of Nut Shop International, a first vendor at North Country Showcase. JoAnn has experience owning her own retail shop and has been the Events and Promotions Coordinator for the St Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce since 2007. JoAnn’s experience with the Ag & Markets regulations will be important in the success of North Country Showcase. JoAnn is one of the first board members of North Country Showcase from 2017 to present.

Tammy Gormley
Treasurer, Director

Tammy has worked as a Sales/Account Manager for Stephens Media group since 2005. Tammy has also been an entrepreneurial property manager since 1993. Tammy is one of the first board members of North Country Showcase from 2017 to present and will be assisting with developing our marketing strategy.

Michael Kenny, Director

Cathy Bashaw, Director

D.S. Mainville, Director




It’s all about the North Country and products created in the seven county region of Northern New York State.


Locally produced by small business, individuals and entrepreneurs.


Many vendors are shareholders of a community owned corporation.