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Annual Shareholder Meeting

Words from your president

Thanks to all who attended our Annual Shareholder Meeting on Monday, May 1, 2019 and to those who took the time to submit a Proxy so that your vote (shares) were included and counted.

It was a long meeting, with lots of discussion, comments and questions. After the meeting, many expressed their appreciation for the information that was shared.

As we move forward, the Board of Directors will take many of your suggestions into consideration, as your feedback is important. Specifically, we will do a better job of communicating and posting documents for Shareholders to see and use as a reference.

Our Board Secretary is working on minutes from last night’s meeting, and as such, has the election result numbers with her.

Congratulations to those who were elected.

Michael Kenny
Tammy Gormley
Carol Robert

An election of Officers took place immediately following during the 1st regular Board Meeting, as follows:

Jo Ann Roberts, President
Carol Robert, Vice President
Tammy Gormley, Treasurer
Brenda Seguin, Secretary

Have a wonderful day.