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The Death of Retail

#hellofromnoco The retail industry as we know it is dead. There is no reason to beat around the bush about that. The days of going to the department store dressed in your best clothes to pick out anything from new clothes to a couch, to a mix-master are gone. I’m not going to lie; it probably had a lot to do with my generation and our “mall-rat” tendencies! I remember Saturday nights we would hang out at the mall, grab dinner at the food court,  see a movie, and go in and out of the stores thinking we were the coolest. We would spend our allowances on hair accessories, cheap makeup, or anything that was “cool” that moment. I purchased a lot of cucumber melon body spray, lip smackers, and body glitter! But times have changed. Amazon makes it so easy to order things and have delivered in two days or less! All at a lower price then most brick and mortar stores can sell it for. Other online retailers are lowering their minimum for free shipping and taking advantage of the push to order online. And my generation is taking full advantage of that. This is why Bon Ton is closing, why Toys ‘R’ Us went bankrupt, and why so many other smaller shops are failing all across the country. Continue reading The Death of Retail

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Shareholder Profile – Anthony Diagostino

#hellofromnoco Here at the North Country Showcase, we have such an amazing group of people who are shareholders, vendors, and volunteers. Every so often the Seven County Explorer blog will feature either one shareholder or one vendor so you can get to know the amazing people who make the showcase the wonderful place it is!

Your name:

Anthony Diagostino

What attracted you to get involved with the North Country Showcase: Continue reading Shareholder Profile – Anthony Diagostino

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

#hellofromnoco After a little hiatus, the Seven County Explorer is back! And what better time for a come back then to celebrate the mother of all holidays! (Get it?!). Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday, May 13th and if anyone deserves to be celebrated and pampered its mom!

The North Country Showcase has a wide array of beautiful gifts that mom will love. I have highlighted some here, but there are SO many more wonderful options in store. Please stop by and see Bonnie and she can help you #shoptheshowcase by picking out a beautiful and unique gift worthy of the woman you call mom! Continue reading Mother’s Day Gift Guide